Antigua Guatemala, city that offers history, art and nature; famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque influenced architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 1553, Bishop Francisco Marroquín founded and selected the place where the FIRST HOSPITAL OF, Hospital Real de Santiago, should be built.

The Hospital had a chapel located on 4ª Calle Oriente No. 20. This modest church was opened in 1647, and in 1651 was rebuilt with a half-barrel vault. It was called San Juan de Dios.

A few years later, the hospital was given to the Real Audiencia de los Confines, the highest court of the Spanish Crown that was based in Guatemala City. This event was of considerable importance to the country.

In 1773, the Santa Marta earthquake stroked Guatemala, destroying the building and leaving only the masonry walls with segmental arches and pillars made of stone and brick.

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For many years, only vestiges were left from this seventeenth century structure, its original purpose was lost during its adaptation.

The idea of incorporating this structure to serve the community was born. It is now a place to hold activities and special events that needed a perfect EZENARIO, and also to maintain Antigua Guatemala in its status of World Heritage Site.

The restoration of this building was based on modern criteria, introducing a contemporary treatment to create a unique contrast never seen in Antigua Guatemala; combining masonry walls, stone and brick, with materials such as stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic, porcelain , among others, achieving an outstanding result.

Ezenario Histórico is a historical building, its urban ruins stand from the 17th century and now act as a reminder of the site´s past. Originally built in 1553 and restored in 2013. A blend of old and new... The result is magical!


Lighting is the sensitive part of our building, luxury LED advanced technology. An amazing lamp from german designer INGO MAURER welcomes our guests at the main entrance.

Antique doors were restored, enhancing their natural beauty. Exquisite wood ceilings match the old stone and brick walls, blending beautifully with contemporary materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass among others, achieving an outstanding result.

In case of emergency, we have a fire safety system, hoses, smoke detectors and trained personnel to use it. An electric power plant with vibration isolators and full capacity to lighten the building when necessary, a large water tank with capacity to supply all bathrooms. Ramps and special spaces for handicapped.

We also have a BOSE surround system in common areas and corridors and BOSE speakers with independent circuits in each environment. Automated lighting system – environment control ( RGB LED ). Broadband Internet, Wifi. Luxurious finishings. Masonry walls, stone and brick with wooden ceilings up to 11m high.


Salón Auxiliar

11x4mt (44 m²)

This is a perfect space for small events, conferences and business meetings, holds up to 60 guests. It is also wonderful space to set a buffet and bevereges station in small weddings and receptions that take place in our Patio de La Fuente.

Salón La Duranta

33x9mt (300 m²)

You can dine and dance beneath the spectacular wooden ceiling at Salón La Duranta. A sophisticated space with exposed ceilings that create an airy open feel with all the natural light coming in from its skylights. Holds up to 200 guests. This room has its own luxury restrooms for ladies and gentlemen and a separate area with lockers for waiters an employees. There is a natural tree inside this room that is called the Duranta, and a beautiful water wall that makes that lights up with different colors.

El Patio de la Fuente

15x10mt (150 m²)

Brides and hubbies-to-be can get hitched in Patio de La Fuente, it is a beautiful space for cocktail parties and small receptions as well. Any event is sure to be charming, cozy and picturesque at our Patio, holds up to 100 guests.


26x4mt (104 m²)

Three large volcanoes dominate the horizon around Antigua Guatemala, the most commanding one is Volcán de Agua to the South, Volcán Acatenango and Volcán de Fuego to the West side of the city. Either daytime brunch or nighttime stargazing, sip swanky cocktails and enjoy the view of our spectacular volcanoes on this amazing Terrace! Holds up to 100 guests.


Ezenario Histórico is a convention center, a place for special and important events, whether social, commercial, business or religious. The place for seminars, conferences, congresses, fashion shows, art exhibits, weddings, showers, birthdays, communions, etc.

Our vision is to be known in Guatemala for our excellent service and what we have to offer, we want to welcome important and special events from all over the world and generate jobs and development for our colonial city. Antigua Guatemala is not only culture, tradition, sightseeing and beauty; it is also perfect place for business and tourism.


Our team will make sure your event is a success. We can recommend the best wedding planners, event planners, photographers, catering, etc for your event to be perfect and unforgettable.

Planning an event is fun, creative and often times filled with a few challenges, selecting the perfect venue shouldn't be one of those. With four different areas available, ezenario Histórico offers many options for your events. Surround your friends, family and co-workers with glamorous old world details and share a one-of-a-kind setting for your event.

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